Connecting Mathworks Simulink with

The Simulink Interface is only available in Professional

The Simulink interface allows the direct connection between Simulink from MathWorks ( and It creates a direct memory communication between the two tools for fast communication.

This video gives you a short overview:

Please note, that this Interface is currently in Beta. For Simulink you need the Interface block. It is for free available from MathWorks. You will need to send us an email to and we will forward your request to MathWorks.

Interface configuration

To use the interface you need first to implement a Interface block into your Simulink modell. In this interface you must define all Inputs and Outputs that should be exchanged with

To add the Simulink interface into your scene you need to select realvirtual > Add Object > Interface > Simulink (Pro)

After this Simulink can be startet and the Signals can be imported by pushing on the Button Import Signals. You will now see all Simulink Signals as Singal Objects underneath your Simulink interface and you can connect them to your objects.

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