AR Modules

This page describes how to use the AR modules of the XR & Multiuser extension in your realvirtual scene.

Make sure you have correctly set up your device as described in the Setup Guide.

Example application created with Meta Quest 3


The realvirtual-ar-player prefab enables AR development in your scene.

Search for realvirtual-vr-player and simply drag the prefab into your hierarchy. This initializes the AR development environment in your scene.

  • The OVRPlayerController manages device tracking and user Input detection. Please refer to the official documentaion of the Meta XR SDK.

  • The Passthrough object contains the OVR Passthrough Layer component required for enabling passthrough. Refer to the official Meta XR SDK for details.

  • The Placer object controlls the behaviour of the placement and allows to adjust the parameters for the placement.

  • The TransformManager persists the transforms of all the placeables in the scene between multiple runtime sessions. To disable this feature, disable the TransformManager game object.

  • The AR game object contains the OVRSceneManager documented in the Meta XR SDK and the EnvironmentDepthOcclusion game object documented in the Depth API for Unity. Both objects control interactions with the real world environment.

  • The XR Environment object initializes the scene setup for optimal use with VR or AR. It manages lighting and core environmental aspects such as ground and sky.

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