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Welcome to, the ultimate framework for Automation Concept Design, Simulation, Virtual Commissioning, and 3D Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development based on Unity. We've combined the power of Unity with the flexibility of to empower you to create stunning 3D models for various destination platforms, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Web GL, and Android.

Formerly known as Game4Automation, we have rebranded our product to

With you can build models like this:

Getting Started

To embark on your journey, follow these initial steps:

  1. Install Unity and Refer to the installation instructions for a seamless setup.

  2. Explore the Demo Scene: Open the demo scene and run the demo model to get a firsthand look at what you can achieve with

  3. Model Building Basics: Learn how models are structured and discover the components used in the "How to build models like this" section.

  4. Conveyor Motion and Sensor Attachment: Check out the tutorial on making a simple conveyor move and attaching a sensor for interactive functionality.

  5. User Interface, Asset Structure, and Physics: Dive into the basics of the User Interface, Asset Structure, and Physics. These are essential aspects covered under the "Basics" section and can be further explored in the demo model.

  6. Explore Tutorials and Demos on YouTube: Find more helpful tutorials and demonstrations on our YouTube channel.

Our AI digital twin assistant for GPT4 users

If you are GPT4 user you can use our special training GPT. Community on NPM

Join our community on NPM to access additional assets and examples at This platform also welcomes you to contribute and share your own assets with fellow users..

To get support

If you require assistance, encounter a bug, or have specific requests, please utilize our support resources:

  • Support Forum: For a collaborative learning experience, visit our support forum at Forum. Engaging on the public forum allows others to learn alongside you.

For developers

Developing with Unity is a dynamic and thriving experience, supported by an active developer community. Before diving into specifics, we recommend exploring these valuable resources:

After gaining a solid understanding of Unity fundamentals through these resources, consult the "Starting your development" section for crucial information on organizing your project and commencing your own development within

Thank you for choosing as your Automation Concept Design and Simulation solution. We look forward to supporting your creative journey in the world of 3D modeling and virtual commissioning.

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