Welcome to the documentation is a framework for Automation Concept Design, Simulation, Virtual Commissioning and 3D HMI based on Unity.
Game4Automation has been renamed to For backward compatibility, all development-related names (namespaces, compiler definitions, folder structure) will continue to use game4automation.
With you can build models like this:
Digital twin runtime ui
You are using the full flexibility and performance of Unity. This gives you the opportunity to add additional functionality, get additional 3D components on the Unity Asset store and to build your model to a lot of different destination platforms like Window, Linux, MacOS, IOs, Web GL or Android.

Get started

To get started please follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Install Unity and the framework as described in installation
  2. 2.
    Open the demo scene and run the demo model demo model
  3. 3.
    Learn how the model is structured and which components are used in the section How to build models like this
  4. 4.
    Check the Tutorial how to make a simple conveyor move and how to attach a sensor
  5. 5.
    Learn the rest of the User Interface , Asset Structure and Physics Physics basics under section Basics and check them on the demo model
  6. 6.
    Or check our tutorials and demos on Youtube Community Github

We are providing some additional assets and examples on Community (Github):
This is also a place where you could share your assets to the users community.

To get support

If you need help, detect a bug or if you have a request please use our support forum. If you use a public forum message others can learn alongside you, the forum is found here:
If you need to send a private message please do it here:

For developers

There is an enormous amount of information including tutorials and videos on the Internet for game development with Unity. In most cases you will always find a solution for your specific problem from their very active developer community. We highly recommend checking these resources first, if you decide to look under the engine hood, and study the Scenes in more detail.
After learning the Basics of Unity based on the links below you should first check section Starting your development for important information about organizing your project and starting your own development.
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  2. 2.
    If you prefer video tutorials please check
  3. 3.
    Or check the Unity Forum
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