Importing and exporting

Assets and models importing and exporing

Assets Importing and Exporting

The menu includes some functions for exporting or importing assets.

It is possible to create the full project, the current scene, or the selected object as a package. Automatically all references are included in this export. For importing these exported packages you can drag them into another (empty) project or you can select Assets>Import Package in the Unity Menu.

Saving the full project manually as ZIP file

To share or save the entire project, you can save the entire project folder as a ZIP file. The advantage is that in this case everything, including all settings, will be saved and you can be sure that the recipient will receive exactly the same project.

You can do this manually with your prefered ZIP file tool.

Before creating the ZIP file, it is best to delete the Library folder, this will significantly reduce the size and no information will be lost. The Library folder will be created automatically if it is missing.

Saving the full project as ZIP file

You find within the main menu (realvirtual > Export full project as ZIP) also a fully automated solution for exporting the project as a ZIP file without the Library and Temp folder.

With very large projects the integrated ZIP export function might fail and crash Unity because the full operation is handled within the main memory. If it fails please use the manual method outside the Unity editor with a ZIP file of your choice.

For developing your model, we recommend using a Revision management system like Plastic. See more under Section Revision management

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