Revision management

Controlling your development (Unity) projects can be controlled by a revision management system. A revision management system is providing several big advantages:

  • You always know how has changed what in your project

  • You can always step back to all versions of your project

  • You can separate developments into different branches

  • You can merge branches back into your main branch

A revision management is very usefull when you are working on big projects with a bigger team.

There are several revision management systems available which can work with Unity. For example you could work with Subversion or GIT. Even if GIT is in very widely used in IT development, our experience is, that Plastic SCM is the best working revision management system.

Plastic SCM was acquired by Unity some time ago and is very well integrated into Unity. On our point of view it is much easier to use than GIT.

Please check the Plastic SCM Website for more information about plastic.

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