Motion axes are modeled by connecting Drives to GameObjects. The Drive will move the GameObject, including its sub-components, along a defined rotational or linear axis. The Drive is a base component with some generic Drive behavior but it does not expose a Signal interfaces to a PLC. For this a Drive Behavior script is added in addition to the Drive script for the GameObject. The Drive Behavior includes special behaviors (such as pneumatic cylinders or position controlled drives) including any signals supporting the special behavior.

This Youtube tutorial shows how to define drives_

We supply seveal standard Behavior models, but due to the large variety of automation devices and functionality, it is most likely you will need to add your own behavior models.

The next image gives a good overview of Drives moving GameObjects. The Drive is contolled by a special Drive Behavior which is connected to one or more Signals. The Signals are then connected to a PLC (using an Automation Interface)

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