3D Views

Scene and Game Window

In Realvirtual.io, a notable distinction from many common simulation systems is the presence of two 3D views within Unity: the "Scene View" and the "Game View."

Typically, you work in the "Scene View" when adding, moving, and inspecting your Digital Twin. It provides a detailed environment for your design and development process. It's important to note that the Scene View is exclusively available within the Unity Editor.

When you publish your Digital Twin as a compiled executable for platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, WebGL, or MacOS, only the "Game View" becomes a part of the delivered application. The Game View serves as a preview of the final Digital Twin application. In some scenarios, such as virtual commissioning, you may not even need to publish your Digital Twin, and you can continue working solely within the Unity Editor's Scene View.

However, in other use cases, such as when delivering the Digital Twin to end-users as a 3D interface integrated with a physical machine, the Scene View becomes a valuable tool. Here, you can develop unique user interactions and preview how the final Digital Twin product will appear.

When you initiate simulation mode, the Game View automatically starts. To maintain efficiency and workflow, we typically position the Game View window in the bottom left corner of the workspace. This arrangement ensures that the Scene View remains readily accessible throughout your work in the Unity Editor.

For further details on the standard functions and features of the Scene view in Unity, we recommend consulting the official Unity documentation.

Scene View Gizmos

Gizmos in the Scene View of Realvirtual.io are helpful tools while editing your Digital Twin in the 3D environment. You can access Gizmos via the icon located in the top right corner of the Scene View. This allows you to enable or adjust the size of Gizmos according to your needs. When all Gizmos are turned off, you won't see any Gizmos or the QuickEdit Overlay window.

We recommend setting the size of 3D icons to 0, especially for camera and light icons, as they are typically not necessary during editing:

Realvirtual.io provides unique Gizmos for certain components, primarily for drives. These specialized Drive Gizmos are visible when the Gameobject with the added drive is selected in the Hierarchy view.

During edit mode, the Drive Gizmo indicates the positive direction of the drive, aiding in precise adjustments and configurations.

In simulation mode, Drive Gizmos display the current position of the drive, along with a green arrow indicating the drive's current moving direction. This feature enhances real-time monitoring and control during simulations.

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