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Standard industrial 3D components for Unity

Parts4cad is removed from Starter and Professional 2022 and above. You can still download it from the Asset Store. You can use the new online solution instead of Parts4CAD

parts4cad offers access to millions of parametric 3D CAD models from over 500 parts catalogs for free. The original data of the manufacturers is based on the eCATALOG solutions technology by CADENAS ( The data is imported into Unity as Collada. All imported parts are still connected to the CADENAS database so that you can change later on parameters and update the part in Unity. parts4cad is a pure Unity Editor utility.

Parts4cad requires the parts4cad client software. If you use parts4cad the first time the parts4cad client will be downloaded automatically into the StreamingAssets folder inside of your project.

Installation and first usage

Parts4CAD only works on Windows system.

In your project folder path no "Spaces" are allowed

Parts4CAD is already included in Starter and Professional version and does not needs to be installed separately.

After installing parts4cad from Unity’s Asset Store or after manual installation from an asset package you can start parts4cad by selecting game4automation>CADENAS parts4cad in the main menu bar.

If you use parts4cad the first time a message will ask you to allow the download of the parts4cad client to the StreamingAssets folder:

After selecting OK it will take some while to download a ZIP-file with the client and to unzip it into the StreamingAssets folder of your project:

parts4cad client

After installation the parts4cad client is started.

You can now select a catalog from a provider or you use the search to search in all catalogs for a certain name or description of the wished part.

After selecting a part a preview of the part is displayed and you can change parameters of the part if needed.

For transferring the selected part to Unity you need to push the button Transfer to CAD (

parts4cad parts in Unity

After selecting the part in the parts4cad client you get the part imported as an asset into game4automation>parts4cad>Imported.

Additionally the part is placed into the scene. If you have selected a Gameobject in the scene the part will be placed as a subcomponent to the selected Gameobject.

The imported part gets a Parts4Cad script attached. This script holds some important information about the imported part. If you select Show Attributes all catalog attributes will be displayed in a text window.

For Updating the part parameters you need to select the Update Part button. This will reopen the parts4cad client with the part and you can update the part. If you select Create New Part a new part will be inserted into the scene.

parts4cad uninstallation

For uninstalling parts4cad you need to delete in the StreamingAssets folder the folder parts4cad. Additionally you need to delete the folder game4automation\parts4cad.

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