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The Quickedit overlay menu is a powerful tool that simplifies access to essential functions with just a single click. It streamlines your workflow by offering quick access to a variety of key actions. Here's what you can do with Quickedit:

  • Create empty GameObjects: Easily generate new GameObjects to build and expand your scene.

  • Reset positions to zero: Instantly reset the position of objects to their default coordinates.

  • Rotate objects: Efficiently manipulate object orientations as needed.

  • Add realvirtual.io components: Seamlessly incorporate various components like Kinematic, Drives, Sensors, and more to GameObjects.

The available functions within the Quickedit overlay dynamically adapt based on the selected object(s). This smart feature ensures you have the right options at your fingertips, precisely tailored to your current task.

To activate Quickedit, simply press the "F1" key while in the Scene View. This quick shortcut provides immediate access to this time-saving menu, enhancing your editing and development experience.

Aligning Pivot Points

To align pivot points, you can use the Pivot button. This window will open the Move Pivot window. For more information check the page Move Pivot.

Changing Quickedit Visibility

You can toggle the visibility of the Quickedit window on/off using the Hotkey F1. If you wish to change the hotkey, you can do so within the realvirtual.io controller inside the scene.

Quickedit during simulation

In simulation mode the quick edit window allows to manually move the drives and shows which drives are currently moving:

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