CAD Updater

Updating (reimporting) CAD Data

With CAD Updater you can compare a newly imported CAD file with the current CAD file in your Unity project. For comparison, both CAD data are imported into different sub-game-objects into the same scene.

If you are using CADLink for reading in the CAD Data the CAD Updater component will be attached automatically to the parent Gameobject of CADLink as soon as you are updating your CAD data. All properties and options of CAD Updater are set automatically. Update means that there are already CAD data underneath CADLink and you import new CAD data. If you don’t want to perform an update you should delete all data underneath CADLink before importing a new CAD file.

For Step and 3MF data there are some limitations with the CAD Update. Each mesh is defined by an ID and compared with the newly imported mesh. Because there are no special ID and revision properties inside the Step or 3MF data (like with JT), the ID of each part is defined by its location in the hierarchy and an occurrence number if there are two identical names at the same hierarchy level. This means that you should not rearrange elements (changing parents) under the CADLink object. Instead, you should use the Kinematic script for rearranging the kinematic parents and children.

Comparing CAD files

CAD Updater is automatically added to the CADLink component as soon as you import a CAD file a second time. After the second import the following message will pop up:

CAD Updater script is automatically added:

After the update import, the comparison between the current and the new CAD data is started automatically. You can restart it manually with the Button Compare Current with Update.

The Isolate Buttons allow you the see in detail what has been changed in the Update.

On the left-hand side of the Unity Hierarchy View, you can see a status icon that is informing you about the status of the CAD component.


Green Hook

No changes

Red Cross

Is deleted in Update

Blue Plus

Is added in Update

Orange !

Mesh is changed

Orange Arrows

Position is changed in Update

After the update check, you can update your current CAD data by selecting Update. All changes will be performed on the current CAD data and the update import will be deleted. Your current CAD data will now be like the Update but all changes that you performed within Unity/ will remain.

Manual Control

Each component in the CAD design will have automatically added a CAD script. This script takes care of the current status and you can control exactly the Update behavior.

By selecting Keep or Keep Including Children you can Keep the current object (including the children if selected) and it will not be touched by the Update process.

If there is no relation found between the Current and the Update CAD data it could be that something is marked as to be deleted but you want to keep and update this. You can manually generate a relation by dragging an Update CAD Script into Keep and Replace by Update. This will manually set the IDs of the Update and the Current Identical and the Update will be performed.

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