A CAM is a connection between a master Drive and a slave Drive. CAMs are very often used for machines in the packaging industry. A lot of automation systems can import cam profiles and move the axis as defined in the profiles.

With cams, you can define a function that relates the slave drive to the master drive. The slave drive will always take a position in relation to the master drive which is defined in the cam profile. Additionally, it is possible to define offset and scale factors for the master and slave drive.

You can check this tutorial video to learn more about cams:

Defining CAMs

For defining cams you could edit the CAM curve with the Unity curve editor on your own but usually, you might be able to export the data from another software that is used for defining the CAM profiles. The CAMs can be imported into unity as a text file (CSV). The text file must be included as a text asset in your Unity project. For each CAM you will need to define the Master Column and a Slave Column. This can be done by using the column numbers or the header text if a header is included in the text file.

Public properties and methods

Please check the Class Reference for more information about the properties and methods of this component.

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