Path System

The Path System is part of the simulation. It provides elements to construct different types of path systems based on curves and lines (like AGVs, Power&Free). The demo scene DemoPathsystem_UseCases shows some possible use cases.

Implementing your own Path finding strategies

In Path Systems of automation systems very often the material flow strategies are very important for throughput and very often simulation models are build for developing and optimizing these strategies. Our library open and extendable and you can implement your own strategies. Please read the section Path finding strategy for more information about Path finding strategies.

Snapping Objects

Elements for building path systems curves and lines have Snap Points. Snap points allow objects to be placed exactly next to each other at the appropriate points.

Please note that snap points require Gizmos to be enabled. To do this, click Gizmos in the upper right corner of the scene.

Path System Components


The line moves the MUs along a linear path from start to finish.


The curve moves the MUs on a circular path from start to finish.


The workstation stops the MU on a path for a specified time. It can be extended by additional stations (e.g. to a loading or unloading station).


The Catcher catches MUs that are under “physical control” and loads them onto a path.


The Path Mover is responsible for moving the MUs along the path.

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