Usefull Addons

Unity provides an enormous solution eco system

Solutions which are available for Unity are endless. You could do a Goolge search and check for example what is available on Github or Check the Unity asset store

Also the Unity Package Manager is providing a lot of extensions.

Here is a list of recommended Add-Ons which are very useful.

Unity Recorder

The Unity recorder is able to record images and videos from your Game view. It is also slowing down, if needed, screen refresh rate to always record in best quality. It is the tool to use if you want to produce a video of your Digital Twin


Cinemachine is enabling multiple cameras, camera flights and blending based on multiple virtual cameras. It is the tool to use for professional video creation with Unity.


NaughtyAttributes is a tool for developers. You can create powerfull inspector windows with it. NaughtyAttributes is used in Game4Automation.

URP Render Pipeline

If you would like to improve visual quality and use a lot of different post processing effects it is best to use the Universal Render Pipeline.


With plastic SCM you have a very powerfull revision management system. More information also in this section Revision management.


Mesh simplify allows you to reduce polygon cound on 3D meshes. It is specially usefull if you want to reduce meshes for some very special meshes after the import with CADLink

Textures and Materials

Most important thing for getting a good visual quality in your models is Lightning, PostPorcessing and Materials. Unity Asset Store is providing a lot of Material collections. Some are even for free.

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