HMI Value Professional

HMI Value is displaying values (PLCOutputFloats or PLCOutputInts) for example the number of produced parts, axis positions or temperatures.


  • Title: short describtion or name of the value

  • Title Font Size : font size of the title

  • Display Unit : true do display a unit right next to the value

  • Unit: user defined unit string

  • Unit Font Size : font size of the unit

  • Value Font Size: font size of the value

  • Format : number format

  • Follow Camera: the orientation of the panel is always directed to the camera (only relevant if the canvas uses the render mode "Worldspace")

  • ObjectTracking: boolean wether the value object is placed next to a game object within the scene or not

  • TrackedObject: game object within the scene which position is used to place the HMI value information

  • Offset : Offset position to the object in up direction.

  • SignalInt: Connected PLCOutputInt Signal

  • SignalFloat : Connected PLCOutputFloat Signal

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