HMI Message Professional

HMI Messages can be used to display for example warnings, failures or maintenance information based on the PLC Status. Each HMI Message is activated by a PLCOutputBool.

Messages are sorted into the message stack by category (Failure, Warning, Message) and based on the time stamps. Messages can be modal (they ned to be Acknowledged before any other Message can be displayed) or not. If Messages are not modal they can be closed without acknowledgement. They are sorted to the last position on the message stack.

To provide messages consists of 3 areas

  1. on the left: message icon

  2. in the middle: message text and the time stamp

  3. on the right: message buttons:

    1. show/ information button

    2. acknowledge button

    3. cancel button

HMI Message

Currently 3 types of messages can be definded: Message, Warning and Failure.

  • Msg Type

  • Use User Defined Color: custom background color. By default are the following colors are set Message --> light grey; Warning --> yellow; Failure --> red

  • Background Color: user defined background color of the message

  • Use User Defined Icon: custom icon on the left hand side of the message

  • Message Icon: user icon

  • Text: text of the message

  • Size Text: font size of the message

  • Show Time Stamp: boolean, if true a time stamp is shown at the lower left corner

  • Modal : if true this messag is modal and everything else is closed. You must acknowledge the message before anything else can be displayed.

  • Message Check Time: duration after the message signal is checked again after canceling the message.

  • Cancel Button: bool, if true a cancel button appears in the message

  • Acknowledge Button: bool, if true a acknowledge button appears in the message

  • Show Button: bool, if true a show button appears in the message

  • Message Camera: Optional cinemachine camera for defining the camera position for this message.

  • Camera Show Details: second cinemachine camera to focus on a certain detail

  • Highlighting: bool, if true a user defined meshrenderer is highlighted when the message is active

  • Highlight Object : list of objects (mesh-renderer) to highlight, when the message is active

  • Highlight Material: material which is used to highlight

  • FlickerEffectMaterial: bool, if true the material flickers

  • FlickerMaterial: second material of the flicker effect

  • FlickerTime: float for the flicker speed

  • SignalMessage : signal of type PLC Output Bool. When the signal is true the message is active.

  • Signal Acknowledge : signal of type PLC Input Bool. When the user confirms the message by using the button "Acknowledge" the message will be closed.

  • Signal Cancel : Optional signal of type PLC Input Bool. When the user is pressing the cancel button the message will be put back on the last position of the stack.

  • References: game object references to set all message information.

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