The Gripper combines functions of Drives for the fingers, Sensors for detecting MUs and Grip in one single component. It is usefull for modelling standard grippers like you find the usually in automation systems in a comfortable way.

During simulation start, the Gripper component will automatically create the needed Grip and Sensor Scripts.

If you are using Fingers a sensor for detecting the parts to grip will be automatically created. The sensor will also detect the length which is needed to close until the part is touched. The signal Is fully closed will only be set to true if the Gripper is fully closed what means that no part is gripped.


Left Finger / Right Finger It is optional to define fingers or not (by setting the Properties LeftFinger, RightFinger). If no fingers are defined there will be no movement visible. The closing time of the fingers needs to be passed before the parts are gripped.

You need to place the left finger component pivot point to the point where the sensor for detecting the parts is placed.

Time closing / Time opening Time for closing and opening the Gripper in seconds. Parts are gripped when closing time is passed. Parts are released directly after opening is started.

Gripper Width The Width of the Gripper in millimeters, when it is opened.

Open Pos Offset Offset between the current scene view position and the open position of the Gripper in millimeters.

Direction Finger The direction of the fingers in the local coordinate system of the Gripper.

Direction Closing The closing direction of the fingers in the local coordinate system of the Gripper.

Close Grippper / Open Gripper PLC signals for closing or opening the gripper

Is Closing / Is Opening Signals are true during the opening or closing process

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