Taking measures in the editor window

The Measurement tool, designed for use within the Unity Editor's scene window, facilitates the precise measurement of distances between two points in a scene. It extends its functionality by calculating the center point upon selecting a third point, drawing the circle that intersects these points, and providing the circle's diameter and radius.

Accessing the Tool

  • Navigate to realvirtual/Measurement (Pro) in the main menu to open the tool.

How to Use

  1. Initial Point Selection: Upon opening, the tool automatically sets to select the first point. After choosing the first point, it transitions to selecting the second point.

  2. Measuring Distance: After the second point is selected, the tool calculates and displays the distance between the two points, including distance breakdowns on each axis. Optionally, distances can be displayed in millimeters.

  3. Determining a Circle:

    • Click the 'Point3' button to enter the selection mode for a third point.

    • Selecting the third point draws the circle defined by the three points and shows the circle's diameter and radius in the tool's window.

  4. Resetting Selections: The 'Reset' button clears all selections, enabling the user to start anew with the selection process.

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