The recorders capture drive positions and position/orientation of moveable units (MUs). This is helpful when these parameters are controlled by connected PLCs. Recording allows for playback of the sequence without PLC connection. For drive tracking, free navigation in the recording is possible, but for MUs, this feature will be added in a future release.

Drives Recorder

The Drive Recorder is a feature that records the position of a drive during runtime in GameMode. To use the Drive Recorder, you need to attach the "DrivesRecorder" component to a GameObject. You can choose to record all drives in the hierarchy below the game object where you added the recorder component or all drives within the scene.

In addition to the DrivesRecorder component, you need to create a ScriptableObject DrivesRecording. Right mouse click in the folder where your scene is located. The image below illustrates how to create the DrivesRecording object.

The DrivesRecorder provides the following attributes:


Drives Recording

Recording object which stores the record

Record all drives within the scene

boolean wether all drives in the scene should be recorded

Recording / Replaying

Information which mode is currently active

Replay Start Frame

Frame at which the replay starts

Replay End Frame

Frame at which the replay ends


loops the current replay

Record On Start

boolean: true -> record starts with the start of the game mode

Play On Start

boolean: true -> replay starts with the start of the game mode

Current Frame/ Number Frames/ Current Seconds/ Duration

Information about the current the current recording or replay

Jump To Position

jump to a certain frame

Replay End

subscribe an event which is called when the replay ends


the buttons are used during runtime to start and stop the recording or the replay

Mu Recorder

The MUrecorder is a tool that captures the location and orientation of MUs (Mobile Units) in a scene. It automatically starts recording when the runtime mode is initiated, and it captures MUs that are already present in the scene as well as those that are created by sources during runtime.

The MUrecorder is in an initial development stage and is currently functional. Further development is planned to incorporate the same features as the DrivesRecorder in future releases.

To utilize the MUrecorder, the MUrecording component must be added to all sources that require MUs to be recorded. Additionally, an instance of the scriptable object MUrecording must be created and assigned to the MUrecording component. The image below illustrates the process of creating the MUrecording in the project.

The MUrecorder provides the following attributes:



Recording object which stores the record


boolean: true -> Recording is active


boolean: true -> Replay is active

Is Recording/ Is Replaying

Information which mode is currently active

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