The fixer is a component that is normally not controlled by a PLC signal. With a fixer you can fix MUs (as subcomponents) at any location. When MUs are fixed the Physics and Gravity for the MUs is turned of and the MUs will stay at the current location. This can be used if you would like for example to place parts on other moving parts.

If a MU which is currently fixed by a gripper is entering the Fixer detection area nothing will happen as long as the Gripper (Grip script) is still holding the MU. As soon as the Gripper will release the MU, the MU will be fixed by the Fixer.

If a MU is fixed by a fixer and another fixer collides with the MU, the MU is handed over to the last collided fixer. This handover behavior can be prevented by setting Block Handing Over or the signal Signal Block Handing Over to true. MU tags and the restriction to certain tags can also be used to realize more advanced functions.

The Fixer can work with a Box Collider or with a Raycast to detect components that need to be fixed.

You need to take care, that the Layer is set to the correct value. If you use a Box Collider it is usually "rvSensor" (before 2022“g4A Sensor“). If you use a Raycast it is usually "rvMU" (before 2022 “g4A MU”) or "rvMUSensor" (before 2022 “g4A SensorMU”).

Please check the Demo scene under Assets/realvirtual/Scenes/DemoGripping.unity


Use Raycast

If set to true a Raycast is used to detect the MUs.

Limit to Tags The fixer can be restricted to react only to certain MUs. In this list all MU tags can be defined that should be considered.

Fix MU Needs to be set to true for fixing the MUs.

Align and fix on min distance If set to true, the parts which are entering are only fixed, when the distance to the fixer pivot point is not decreasing anymore. This can be used, for example, to align parts exactly on a Transport Surface.

Release on collision non MU Will release the Fixer when a collider that is not an MU is entering the Fixer area.

Align MU Will align the MU pivot point with the Fixer pivot point when the MUs are fixed.

Delta Align Defines a Delta position on the pivot points for Alignment.

Delta Rot Defines a Delta rotation on the pivot points for Alignment.

Set Tag after Fix Automatically sets the MU tag to a certain name after the MU is fixed. Keep it empty if nothing should happen.

Show Status Shows the status of the Fixer by changing the color between red (not fixed) and green (fixed).

Block Handing Over

Blocks the Fixer to hand over the MU to another Fixer (does not affects grippers).

One Bit fix If set to true, the Input Signals are limited to one Input - Fixer Fix, which will Fix on true and unfix on false.

Fixer Release If this PLC signal is connected and if it is true, the Fixer will release all MUs and MUs which are entering will not be fixed.

Fixer Fix Contrary to Fixer Release.

Signal Block Handing Over

PLC Signal for blocking the handing over to another Fixer.

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