Move Pivot Points

Adjusting component positions

The Move Pivot Tool is a custom EditorWindow utility designed to facilitate precise manipulation of pivot points within the Unity Editor, specifically tailored for the realvirtual framework. This tool enables users to select points within the scene to define new pivot positions or align objects based on selected vertices.

Key Features

  • Vertex Selection: Select up to three points within your 3D scene to define new pivot positions for an object (Object1).

  • Object Alignment: Align the pivot of Object1 to another object (Object2) or to specific vertices, enhancing both positioning and orientation accuracy.

  • Dynamic Gizmo Interaction: Interactive gizmos provide visual feedback on your selections and proposed pivot positions, making adjustments clear and intuitive.

  • Scene Integration: The tool is fully integrated within the Unity Scene View, ensuring a smooth workflow for pivot editing tasks.

How to Use

Opening the Tool

  • Menu Access: Find and open the tool via realvirtual/Move Pivot in the Unity menu bar or through the Quick Edit Menu.

  • Initial Selection: Automatically selects an already highlighted object in the Hierarchy as Object1. Use the Reset button or direct selection in the Scene View (by hovering and clicking when the mesh is highlighted) to choose a new Object1.

Option 1: Positioning Object1 to Selected Vertices

  1. Selecting Points: Activate point selection mode with the "Point 1", "Point 2", and "Point 3" buttons. Scene View clicks will assign these points based on mesh vertices.

  2. Moving and Aligning: Use the available options to shift Object1's pivot to any selected point, the midpoint between two points, or the geometric center among three points.

Option 2: Positioning Object1 to Object2's Pivot or Center

  1. Object Selection: Select Object2 by clicking the "Select Object2" button, then hover over and select the desired object. Object2's pivot is indicated by RGB axes, while its geometric center is marked by white axes.

  2. Alignment: Employ the provided buttons to align Object1's pivot with Object2's pivot point or geometric center.

Reset and Undo

  • Resetting: Clears all selections and settings, letting you begin anew with pivot positioning.

  • Undoing: Allows for reverting actions, offering a safety net for experimentation.

Practical Tips

  • Precision: For best results, zoom in on your target vertices when selecting points to ensure accuracy.

  • Object Manipulation: Always verify the selected object and intended pivot point before applying changes, especially when working in complex scenes.

  • Scene View Navigation: Utilize Scene View navigation shortcuts to efficiently switch between perspectives and zoom levels during point selection.

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