The PartChanger is able to change the visual appearance of a part on certain events. For doing this all child components under the object with the MU script attached to are getting replaced by a new part. The new part should always be a Prefab which is saved somewhere in the project.

You can find a Demo scene for the PartChanger under Assets/realvirtual/Scenes/DemoChangeMU.unity

The part changer can change the visual appearance of the component where the part changer is attached to (Change this part option) or to change the visual appearance of an MU which is detected by a Sensor (Change On Sensor option)

Configuration of the PartChanger

You need to set a Part Number in the Part changer. This is the number, starting from 0, in the list of available Appearances. The list of available Appearances can be on the MU or on the PartChanger itself if no MU is changed.

Change detected MU on Sensor

Is changing the appearance of MUs which are detected by the defined Sensor.

Change this part

Is changing the appearance of the object where the PartChanger script is attached to.


You can select a condition when the Part should be changed.


You can connect two PLC Signals. One for starting the visual change and one for selecting a new part number.

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