Measure is measuring distances between the pivot point of the Gameobject, the Measure script is attached to and another pivot point of a referenced Gameobject.

You can also connect the result of the measurement to a PLCInput Signal. By doing this Measure is able to act as a distance sensor.

You can apply the following properties:


Measure From

Gameobject the measurement should be performed from to this object.


(Readonly) The measured distance as a vector.

Distance Abs

(Readonly) The measured distance as an absolute value.

Set Distance

A distance that should be set by the button Set Distance

Keep Set Distance

If set to true the SetDistance value is always set to the related Gameobject so that the distance between the two objects always keeps the same.

Display On Selected

Display the measurement only when the measurement object is selected.

Display Always

Display the measurement always.

Display Line

Display a line between the Pivot Points in scene view.

Display Abs

Display the absolute value as a number in scene view.

Display Vector

Display the vector as numbers in scene view.

Use Millimeters

Display one Unity Unit as 1000.


Offeset to the MeasuredDistance.

Measured Distance

PLCInputFloat signal for the absolute distance.

Measured DistanceX

PLCInputFloat signal for the DistanceX part of the Vector.

Measured DistanceY

PLCInputFloat signal for the DistanceY part of the Vector.

Measured DistanceZ

PLCInputFloat signal for the DistanceZ part of the Vector.

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