HMI Slider Professional

The HMI Value slider can set PLCInputFloat or PLCInputInt values on the connected PLC..

The Value is always displayed. The slider appears as soon as the user is hovering over the object with the mouse. To use it with the render mode "Worldspace" you need the HMI-PanelWorldSpace as parent.


  • Min Value : minimum value of the slider

  • Max Value: maximum value of the slider

  • Value: Current and start value of the slider

  • Font Size Value: font size of the displayed value

  • Activate On Mouse Enter: if true the slider only appears when the mouse pointer enters the value area

  • Format:

  • SignalInt : connected PLCInputInt Signal

  • SignalFloat : connected PLCInputFloat Signal

  • SignalIntStart : connected PLCOutputInt Signal which is set when the application is staring

  • SignalFloatStart : connected PLCOutputFloat Signal which is set when the application is starting

  • Title: title or short description of the slider value

  • Display Unit : true do display a unit right next to the value

  • Unit: user defined unit string

  • Unit Font Size : font size of the unit

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