The Line is used to construct line in a Path System. The MUs are moved along the Line with the Path Mover

Path finding strategy

Please check page Path Finding for more information about path strategies and implementing your own strategies.

Line properties

Drive For moving MUs always a Drive is needed. The Drive can be on the MU itself (e.g. for modelling AGVs) or the Drive can be on the Curve or Line itself (e.g. for Power&Freee systems). If this field is kept empty, a Drive on the MU is needed.

Path Strategy You can assign a component of type PathStrategy to the line. Each time a PathMover is leaving the Path the strategy can select a successor. Please check page Path Finding for more information about using custom strategies. If the PathStrategy is empty, automatically the first successor is selected.

Length The lengh of the Path in meters.

Show Path On Simulation Must be set to true if path should be visible during simulation.

Thickness The thickness of the path line.

Materialpath The material of the path.

Direction Arrow If true, the Direction arrow will be displayed.

Size Direction Arrow The size of the direction arrow.

Path events

A certain behavoir at the entrance or the exit of an path element can be defined within the section path events. Scripts which are connected there will be called during run time. An expample for such a strategies is within the demo scene DemoPathsystem_UsedCases/DemoAGVSystemWithStations.

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