Pattern is an auxiliary component for creating circular matrix patterns. This can be used for example when you need to place many components in a certain way (e.g. you need many fixers on a wheel with vacuum grippers). The pattern game objects are created based on a template and some geometric information about the spacing of the pattern components.

The pattern can be created in the editor mode or when starting the simulation.


Circular pattern

Creates a circular pattern. The center of rotation is always the center of rotation of the transformation to which the pattern component is attached.

Detla angle

The angle between the individual circular pattern components.

Rotation vector

The direction vector of the rotation.

Start angle

The start angle of the pattern.


The number of the created pattern components.

Matrix Pattern

Creates a matrix pattern.

Number X,Y,Z

The number of components of the pattern in the X, Y and Z directions.

Spacing X,Y,Z

The spacing of the pattern components in the x, y, and z directions.



If no template is defined, the component to which the pattern component is attached will be copied. It is recommended to define a template (referenced by this property) and disable the template itself (the pattern components are automatically enabled when they are created).


If no parent is defined, the pattern components are automatically created below the game object to which the pattern component is attached.

Create at startup

If true, the pattern components will be created when the simulation is started.

Delete pattern

Manually delete the pattern in editor mode.

Generate pattern

Generates the pattern in editor mode.

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