HMI DropDown Professional

The drop down can be used as a part of a HMI tab or as the main control for selecting the tabs. If you use it as a main control for selecting the tabs only one Tab can be opened at once. The value of a PLCInputInt is set according to the selected menu element (from 0 to n). Within the HMI-Demo-scene it is used to switch in between camera views. To use it with the render mode "Worldspace" you need the HMI-PanelWorldSpace as parent.


  • Color Elements: background color of the dropdown elements when inactive

  • Color Selected: background color of the selected (currently active) dropwodn element

  • Menue Title: title of the menue

  • Title Font Size: font size of the title

  • DropDown Elements: List of drop down elements as strings

  • Start Mode: mode/ menue item which is active when the game mode start

  • SignalSelectedElement: PLCInputInt - Value of the selected Dropdown element

  • SignalSetElement: PLCOutputInt - Value to set the selected element from PLC side.

  • Duration: duration in second how long the drop down appears

  • Activate On Mouse Enter: activates the dropdown when the mouse pointer enter

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